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 ====== e ====== ====== e ======
 +**[//​exclude//​ #ex1 #ex2]...**
 +Excludes an x-axis region between #ex1 and #ex2. The macro "​Exclude"​ simplifies the use of //​exclude//​. Example CEO2.INP demonstrates the use of excluded regions.
 +**[//​exp_conv_const//​ E  [//​exp_limit//​ E] ]...**
 +Defines //​e//<​sub>​m</​sub>​ in the convolution function:
 +Exp(Ln(0.001) //e / e//<​sub>​m</​sub>​ )    for //e// = 0 to //​exp_limit //​
 +that is convoluted into phase peaks. //​exp_conv_const//​ is used by the Absorption and Absorption_With_Sample_Thickness_mm macros. If //​exp_limit//​ is not defined then it defaults to //​e//<​sub>​m</​sub>​. //​e//<​sub>​m</​sub>​ can be greater than or less than zero.
 +**[//​extra_X_left//​ !E]  [//​extra_X_right//​ !E]**
 +Determines the extra range to which hkls are generated. For TOF data //​extra_X_left//​ is typically used. For x-ray data then //​extra_X_right//​ is typically used. Both default to 0.5.

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