Convert HTML to DokuWiki An idea for converting existing documents to text files with DokuWiki syntax using an HTML to Text converter. I've set up a config file for the tool available at which produces some usable results: text2html.rc. Thomas J. Messenger made a Perl module to convert HTML to DokuWiki's syntax available at (see 81, too) Or the one at CPAN: A web interface used to convert pasted text or a webpage page is available at A Converter Tool (HTML>DokuWiki, UTF8, Tablespacing) WikiTool

Html2DokuWiki Converter GUI for Win32 Html2DokuWiki is a free HTML to DokuWiki converter for Win32 platforms. It is very simple to install and extremely easy to use. Just extract the executable from the archive, double-click to start, and Html2DokuWiki is ready to go. To start converting, just type HTML into the upper edit. The converted DokuWiki syntax will immediately appear in the lower edit. Then select (CTRL+A) the converted document and copy / paste it into any DokuWiki site. Larger HTML documents can also be pasted into the HTML input. Click here to download Html2DokuWiki.

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