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 +Convert HTML to DokuWiki
 +An idea for converting existing documents to text files with DokuWiki syntax using an HTML to Text converter. I've set up a config file for the tool available at http://​www.mbayer.de/​html2text/​ which produces some usable results: text2html.rc. ​
 +Thomas J. Messenger made a Perl module to convert HTML to DokuWiki'​s syntax available at http://​www.citlink.net/​~messengertj/​ (see 81, too) 
 +Or the one at CPAN: http://​search.cpan.org/​~diberri/​HTML-WikiConverter-0.61/​lib/​HTML/​WikiConverter.pm ​
 +A web interface used to convert pasted text or a webpage page is available at http://​diberri.dyndns.org/​html2wiki.html ​
 +A Converter Tool (HTML>​DokuWiki,​ UTF8, Tablespacing) WikiTool  ​
 +Html2DokuWiki Converter GUI for Win32
 +Html2DokuWiki is a free HTML to DokuWiki converter for Win32 platforms. It is very simple to install and extremely easy to use. Just extract the executable from the archive, double-click to start, and Html2DokuWiki is ready to go. 
 +To start converting, just type HTML into the upper edit. The converted DokuWiki syntax will immediately appear in the lower edit. Then select (CTRL+A) the converted document and copy / paste it into any DokuWiki site. Larger HTML documents can also be pasted into the HTML input. ​
 +Click here to download Html2DokuWiki. ​

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