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 ====== jedit ====== ====== jedit ======
-<​html><​span style="color:​orange;​">Some information needed here to populate the site (this just copied from <A HREF="​http://​www.dur.ac.uk/john.evans/topas_academic/​jedit_main.htm">​http://​www.dur.ac.uk/​john.evans/​topas_academic/​jedit_main.htm</​A>​)</​span></​html>​+To use the academic version of topas or to unleash the power of the many features that can't be accessed through the gui mode of the commercial version, topas can be controlled using text based input files. In Durham we've been using "[[jedit]]" ​which is a freely downloadable editor ​to work with topas input filesjedit has a powerful macro language that lets you customise it to work with input filesThe files can be colour-coded to make them easy to viewYou can also run programmes from within jedit which allows you to control topas and its ancillary programmes from within the editorjedit macros considerably speed up the writing/editing of topas input filesIf you want to use our jedit menus then final responsibility for the suitability of the resulting ​.inp files lies with you
 \\ \\
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 \\ \\
-For more information on jedit:+For more information on setting up jedit for topas: 
 +For more information on jedit itself:
 [[http://​community.jedit.org/​cgi-bin/​TWiki/​view/​Main/​]] [[http://​community.jedit.org/​cgi-bin/​TWiki/​view/​Main/​]]
 +For Alan's tips on jEdit go to: [[using_jedit| using jEdit]]

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