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-**How atoms are displayed in OpenGL** 
-Atoms colors and radii are defined in the files ATOM_COLORS.DEF and ATOM_RADIUS.DEF respectively. A site defined as: 
-<​code>​site S1 occ Al+3 1 beq 1</​code>​ 
-will be displayed as a Sulfur atom. If the Site Name, minus the numbers, is not found in ATOM_COLOURS.DEF then the atom type defined at the first site occupancy is used. Thus a site defined as: 
-<​code>​site _S1 occ Al+3 1 beq 1</​code>​ 
-will be displayed as an Aluminium atom. 
- --- //​[[alan.coelho@bigpond.com|Alan Coelho]] 2017/07/19 12:25// 
-On an old laptop the structure viewer in the test version of topas v7 wouldn'​t work.  The graphics card (intel integrated graphics 3000) didn't support opengl, though topas v6 worked fine.  If you get this problem you can try the work around at [[https://​gist.github.com/​rb-dahlb/​26f316c5b6089807a139fc44ee69f0d1]]. ​ It slows the viewer down significantly,​ but prevents the crash. 

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