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-====== Scope and where to put parameters ====== 
-Topas input files give you a lot of flexibility in how to set refinements up.  The opportunity of making choices does make them complex.  ​ 
-Some parameters might apply to the whole refinement, some to individual xdds and some to individual strs. 
-The "for xdds" and "for strs" constructs help you set up complex files. 
-Beware of using the "​@"​ symbol in a "​for"​ section of the file.  If you use @ on a fractional coordinate within a "for xdds" loop then that coordinate will have a different independent parameter in each data set.  Give the parameter a name like x_Cu1 instead. 
-If you have complex input files (e.g. multi histogram distortion mode refinements) you can put prms in the "for strs" section. ​ They are then merged as the section is expanded. ​ Alan says that its better practice to have these outside loops. ​ e.g. you can put them just above the "​for"​ sections. 
-[To be completed] 

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