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Welcome to the topas wiki website! We have a temporary issue with new user account registration. Please register for an account then email John to get your password set up.

News - July 2016: We'll be updating and moving the wiki/forum over the next few of weeks. Apologies if this means you have to re-register or if information gets lost.

Wiki software allows web pages to be created and edited using a common web browser. This means that everyone who is a member of this website can contribute to it and is very welcome to do so.

On the left you'll find links to pages that we think you'll find most useful.
You can contribute to most of the pages (e.g. topics, user macros, forum, tutorials). Some pages (e.g. the manual and alphabetical keywords) contain reference material that's read only. The topics page is an alphabetical list of links to important topics in topas. User macros is where you can contribute macros you've developed or find ones others have made. The forum is where you should ask and answer questions. You can set your forum account up so you're emailed automatically when new topics and answers are posted. Alphabetical keywords and manual pages are reference material taken from the topas documentation.

We hope that these pages will develop into a useful reference site for users of all flavours of topas as well as other Rietveld software. As with any wiki, the information on open-edit pages is only as reliable as the community who contribute. Please help us to keep things in good shape!

To reference the topas wiki origins or jedit you might like to use “Evans, J. S. O. Advanced input files and parametric quantitative analysis using Topas. Materials Science Forum 651, 1 (2010)” or one of the other articles in the special issue of materials forum which documents the Trento meeting where the wiki was first suggested. There's description of the topas symbolic language etc in: Coelho, A. A., Evans, J. S. O., Evans, I. R., Kern, A. & Parsons, S. The TOPAS symbolic computation system. Powder Diffraction 26, S22-S25, doi:10.1154/1.3661087 (2011).


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