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-====== w ====== 
-**[//​weighting//​ !E  [//​recal_weighting_on_iter//​]]** 
-Used for calculating the //xdd// dependent weighting function  in<​sub>​{{techref_files:​image016.gif?​20x23}}</​sub>,​ see equation Eq. (5‑2). Can be a function of the reserved parameter names X, Yobs, Ycalc and  SigmaYobs. The default is as follows: 
-weighting = 1 / Max(Yobs, 1); 
-In cases where //​weighting//​ is a function of [[#​_Reserved_parameter_names|Ycalc]] then //​recal_weighting_on_iter//​ can be used to recalculate the weighting at the start of refinement iterations. Otherwise the weighting is recalculated at the start of each [[#​k144|refinement cycle]]. 
-Note that some goodness of fit indicators such as //r_wp// are a function of //​weighting//,​ see Table 5‑2. 
-**[//​weight_percent_amorphous//​ !E]** 
-Determines the amorphous content in a sample. The phase dependent keyword of //​spiked_phase_measured_weight_percent//​ needs to be defined in order for //​weight_percent_amorphous//​ to be calculated. 

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