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Converting TOF to d-spacing
Dylan_Fast #1
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Subject: Converting TOF to d-spacing
We are trying to view neutron refinements with d-spacing instead of time-of flight. The technical reference for Topas V6 states that clicking the x-axis button should change this, but when we have tried the pattern simply vanishes and does not come back until we revert back to TOF on the x-axis.

Do you have any suggestions on what to try to view this differently within Topas?


AlanCoelho #2
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Run the test_examples\tof\tof_bank2_1.inp and set the x-axis to d-spacing; you will then see the the data displayed as a function of d-spacing. Note, to display in d-spacing the INP file needs to contain the keywords gui_tof_t0 and gui_tof_t1; these keywords tells the program what the conversion from TOF to d-spacing is. Those conversion keywords are contained in the macro TOF_x_axis_calibration.
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