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Rules for this forum (Important)
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Subject: Rules for this forum
Please follow the following simple rules when posting here (they've been adapted from the dokuwiki forum rules and seem sensible ones for us to adopt):

Search before you ask
Your question may have been answered already, so please search at least the Forum and the Wiki for an answer before asking a question.

Stay on topic
Please try to stay on the topic of a thread. If you have multiple questions open multiple threads with meaningful subjects. This makes it easier for others with the same problem to find it later. Moderators will split threads which drift from the original topic.

Ask smart questions
Take your time thinking about what you really want to ask, instead of just rushing out an unclear question. Make it easy to answer you. I really recommend reading first. It will help you here and in many other places as well.

Try and be polite and remember it's often easy to offend in an email even when you don't mean to.  Forum moderators will remove any posts they think inappropriate.

Caps Lock
Thou shalt not use caps lock!

License/Purchasing Questions
These are issues you should raise directly with Bruker or Alan and shouldn't be placed here.

Topas only posts please
Non topas/powder/crystallography/Rietveld posts will be removed without consultation.

Don't post here
This is intended as an instruction page - please don't post things here
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dan_rodrics #2
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Thanks for making all these rules very clear. I guess these will cut down on spam posts and will significantly raise the quality of questions asked on this forum. I was just about to ask the question related to Topas wiki link, but realized that it's available at the top navigation bar  :nuts:  :-)
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Richard_JJones #3
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Thanks for making the rules so clear. I was also wondering about the wiki link, but was guided by the previous poster. One other question though, you mentioned that license related questions should be dealt directly with Bruker or Alan, I wonder where can I find their contact details in case the need arises?
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