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Subject: licence management
How do people manage their Topas Academic licences?

I'm in a situation where I have a multitude of users in various locations and, as I have Bruker Topas, they are able to have a network licence. I can install Topas on as many computers as I want, and the computer will interrogate my licence server to see if it can run, or, I can give out individual dongles to people, and they can be easily moved around.

Is there an equivalent way to do it for Topas Academic?

Maybe have virtual machines, and users can log in to those on an as-needs basis?

I don't really want to micromanage individual installations of Topas.

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AlanCoelho #2
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Academic licenses are machine dependent. This means that each computer running the program needs to have a machine-dependent license.

The commercial version of the program does offer server license which may be more appropriate for your needs.
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