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Integral Breadth

The integral breadth is an alternative definition of a peak width; it is the width of a rectangle with the same height as the peak.

There are some macros below that give the IB of a peak given its parameters.

Macro by: Matthew Rowles.

'' when using an xo_Is phase with peak_type = pv
''calculate pseudo-Voigt integral breadth from pv_lor and pv_fwhm parameters
macro & Integral_Breadth_PV(& lor, & fwhm)
	fwhm / (lor (2/Pi) + (1-lor) 2 Sqrt(Ln(2)/Pi))
macro & Integral_Breadth_G(& fwhm)
	fwhm / (2 Sqrt(Ln(2)/Pi))
macro & Integral_Breadth_L(& fwhm)
	fwhm / (2/Pi)

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