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 ====== Manual ====== ====== Manual ======
-This text comes directly from the topas academic ​technical reference and therefore it is a read only page. To find specific parts of this file, please use the search box on the left of this page.+This page contains links to the topas technical reference ​manual ​and is a read only page. The pages are converted from an original word document so some of the formatting may be slightly strange - refer to Technical_Reference.pdf for a prettier format.
 \\ \\
-[[manual part 1]] - sections 2,3,4,5,6,7+To find specific parts of this fileplease use the search box on the left of this page.  An alphabetical list of keywords is linked elsewhere.
 \\ \\
-[[manual part 2]] - sections 8,9,10+[[Manual Part 1]] - Sections 2,​3,​4,​5,​6,​7:​ Introduction,​ Parameters, EquationsMinimizationPeak Generation and Miscellaneous
 \\ \\
-[[manual part 3]] - sections 11,12,13,14+[[Manual Part 2]] - Sections 8,9,10: KeywordsMacros, File Types
 +[[Manual Part 3]] - Sections 11,​12,​13,​14:​ Charge-flipping,​ Indexing, Batch Mode, References
 ==== Contents: ==== ==== Contents: ====
 **2        Introduction.** **2        Introduction.**

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